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White Oak Fellowship is a family of faith and love with a commitment to making disciples, teaching disciples, and enabling disciples for life in Christ Jesus.


White Oak Fellowship was established May 26, 1889 in the White Oak Community in Wood County, TX. Much has changed over the years but the purpose of the church remains to be a community of Christ-followers who provide a place for all to find Christ's love. In 2014, White Oak Fellowship began a renewed commitment to that purpose. Following a difficult time, the church had 7 actively attending when the renewal began. Now, the church is growing with baptisms and new members. The church is now debt free. Also, the Spanish Language congregation, Iglesia Principe de  Paz, now meets in the chapel providing opportunities for continued growth not only for the English-speaking White Oak family but for more!


White Oak Fellowship follows a simple church pattern that organizes teams to do ministry as needs are identified. When the need is met, the team members are freed to find other outlets for service. Every member is a minister to one another and to the people and needs in our community. The church is a respite for those who have burnt out or been hurt in their church life. Catch your breath with no demands other than receive the healing you need. It is also a great place to begin if church life is unfamiliar to you. And, if you are one with a great desire to be involved in ministry, this is a great place to exercise your gift. 

The church supports mission endeavors locally and around the world through the Rehoboth Association and others organizations, including Blessed Hope Foundation, a school and home for children in Uganda. Click on any or all of the pages to learn more.

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